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Socio-economic category:
Low deprivation
Socio-economic category: Low deprivation
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Causes and risks
Section category: Causes and risks

L&B: Alcohol: Causes and risk factors

In cultural terms, characterisations of the British drinking culture as one of excess are too simplistic. Frequent but moderate drinking is more common than is often acknowledged in policy debate. However, increasing risk drinking behaviours are found across a range of settings and contexts, including home drinking among older couples, and social gatherings of family …

L&B: Diet: Causes and risk factors

The most important individual risk factors for poor diet are ageing, ill health, eating disorders and socio-economic circumstances.  Many of these risk factors are described in the Inequalities section. There is growing recognition that people do not make dietary choices based on the full costs and benefits of these decisions.  Decisions over what, when and …