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Socio-economic category:
Low deprivation
Socio-economic category: Low deprivation

Soc&Env: Education and training: Local inequalities data for free school meals (FSM) and disadvantaged pupils

This subsection describes socio-economic inequalities in educational attainment, including those pupils who are eligible for free school meals (a key indicator of socio-economic disadvantage), as well as those classified as ‘disadvantaged’ by the DfE. Instead of using free school meals (FSM) alone as an indicator, DfE classifies pupils as ‘disadvantaged’ if they have been eligible …

Soc&Env: Living standards: Local inequalities data by location

Deprivation Figure 5 below illustrates patterns of deprivation in different parts of Hackney.  There are particular concentrations of deprivation: in the eastern part of the borough around King’s Park and Hackney Wick in the north-west of the borough, around Manor House and Woodberry Down on the borders between Victoria and Homerton wards on the borders …

Soc&Env: Living standards: Health and wellbeing impacts by deprivation

It is well documented that people living in more deprived areas live shorter and unhealthier lives. The Marmot Review reported that average life expectancy in England is seven years lower in the poorest areas compared to the richest communities and disability-free life expectancy is 17 years lower.  Figure 2 below shows associations between area deprivation …