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Socio-economic category:
High deprivation
Socio-economic category: High deprivation
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Causes and risks
Section category: Causes and risks

L&B: Diet: Causes and risk factors

The most important individual risk factors for poor diet are ageing, ill health, eating disorders and socio-economic circumstances.  Many of these risk factors are described in the Inequalities section. There is growing recognition that people do not make dietary choices based on the full costs and benefits of these decisions.  Decisions over what, when and …

L&B: Physical activity: Causes and risk factors

As mentioned in the introduction, more than a quarter of adults report being inactive (i.e. do less than 30 minutes of moderate exercise a week).  Inactivity is much more common among certain population groups, including those living in socially deprived circumstances, older people, people with disabilities and certain minority ethnic communities (see Inequalities section). The …

L&B: Smoking: Causes and risk factors

Risk of smoking is strongly linked to socio-economic status and all measures of deprivation. People in routine and manual occupations are more than twice as likely to smoke as people in managerial and professional occupations. Among unemployed people, almost 40% smoke as do around 40% of people with longstanding mental health problems and more than …