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Service gaps
Section category: Service gaps

What service gaps related to alcohol have been identified in the City and Hackney?

Many of the services in Hackney and the City which provide support around alcohol risk are relevant to higher risk or dependent drinkers, and recovery services promote abstinence over reduced drinking. The infrastructure to promote moderation and raise awareness and reduction of alcohol-related harm for increasing risk drinkers is more limited. To support greater activity …

What service gaps related to diet have been identified in the City and Hackney?

The services and support section described a comprehensive range of activities, projects and programmes that aim to support healthier diets for local residents.  However, there are inevitably some potential gaps and opportunities, examples of which are described below. Given the relatively poorer dietary behaviour of adolescents and young people (discussed in the inequalities section), this …

What service gaps around smoking have been identified in Hackney and the City?

Smoking – Services and support describes a comprehensive programme of tobacco control activity across Hackney and the City.  The following areas have been identified as requiring ongoing support and focus over the coming year in order to minimise gaps in service provision, build on current practice and make use of upcoming opportunities. Smoking in pregnancy …