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Local data and unmet
Section category: Local data and unmet
Community safety
Topic: Community safety

Soc&Env: Local data on youth crime and gang involvement

It is impossible to say with any certainty how many young people in Hackney and the City of London are involved in gang-related activity, but it is likely to be a very small proportion.  A study in Waltham Forest suggested that 4% of children and young people in that borough are adversely affected by gangs. …

Soc&Env: Local data on domestic violence and abuse

In total, domestic violence and abuse are estimated to cost Hackney and the City of London at least £98.2m per year.   These figures are likely to be under-estimates as they do not include costs related to all forms of gender based violence, nor do they include all long-term effect costs (such as the impact on …

Soc&Env: Local data on alcohol and crime-related ambulance and hospital attendances

The Public Health Outcomes Framework ( PHOF) shows that, across Hackney and the City combined, there were 57 emergency hospital admissions for violence per 100,000 population per year in the pooled three-year period 2012/13-2014/15. A total of 2,328 alcohol-related incidents in Hackney and 1,037 in the City of London were attended by the London Ambulance …

Soc&Env: Local data on anti-social behaviour

According to the PHOF, in 2014/15, there were 22 complaints about noise per 1,000 population across Hackney and the City combined. In 2015/16, approximately two fifths (41%) of all reported anti-social behaviour (ASB) complaints in Hackney related to noise and nuisance neighbour incidents.  Hackney Council’s ASB and Noise Team handles an average of 8,600 cases …

Soc&Env: Local data on the incidents of crime

Table 1 shows the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) indicators that are related to incidents of crime for Hackney and the City of London.  The relatively higher rate of offences per 1,000 population for the City reflects the fact that these indicators only include residents in the population denominator, while incidents may be committed or …

Soc&Env: Community safety: Local data

The following section of local data is framed around the following headings: Incidents of crime Anti-social behaviour Alcohol and crime-related ambulance and hospital attendances Domestic violence and abuse Youth crime and gang involvement