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Local data and unmet
Section category: Local data and unmet
Community cohesion and social networks
Topic: Community cohesion and social networks

Soc&Env: Local data on social isolation

Most Hackney residents (82%) in a recent survey stated that they do not feel isolated in their local area. However, one in 10 residents report feeling isolated and one quarter (27%) say that they know fewer people in the local area now than they once did.  Social isolation among residents, especially the older generation, is …

Soc&Env: Local data on community participation and volunteering

One quarter (24%) of City of London residents were found to participate in regular volunteering in the 2008 survey described previously. In Hackney, approximately one in five residents (22%) volunteer on a regular basis and most of those who do not volunteer (75%) said they had considered doing so. The most common reason given for …

Soc&Env: Local data on sense of place

Four in five Hackney residents (84%) say they feel as though they belong to their neighbourhood and three quarters (76%) say that they have close bonds with others locally.  However, insight gathered through the wider HAPFE consultation suggests that some residents feel excluded from the new cafés and shops that are opening in the borough, …

Soc&Env: Local data on community cohesion

In a 2008 survey (the latest available data), almost all City residents (92%) believed that local people from different backgrounds get on well together.  The same has been found in Hackney over recent years, with the most recent data showing that 90% of respondents to a 2015 survey agreed that the local area is a …

Soc&Env: Local data on resident satisfaction

According to a 2015 survey, resident satisfaction with Hackney as a place to live is very high, at 88%.  However, there is some variation in views held, with residents who moved into the area within the last five years reporting higher satisfaction than those who moved in over 10 years ago (94% and 86%, respectively). …

Soc&Env: Community Cohesion: Local data

Local data on community cohesion is framed around the following headings: Resident satisfaction Community cohesion Sense of place Community participation and volunteering Social isolation