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Local data and unmet
Section category: Local data and unmet
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City of London
Location category: City of London

Soc&Env: Work and worklessness: Local inequalities data by age

This sub-section describes available data on patterns of employment, unemployment and economic inactivity by key equalities characteristics – presenting local data wherever possible. Figure 3 shows that Hackney residents aged 25-49 have the highest employment rates and the lowest economic inactivity rates.  Employment rates are lowest among 16-19 year olds (who are the most likely …

Soc&Env: Local employment data

In Hackney in 2015-16, 132,000 working age residents were in employment – an employment rate of 66%.   Only a minority (20%) work within the borough of Hackney, with most working in other local authority areas (see Table 2). Table 2: Location of employment of adult Hackney residents (age 16+, 2011) Location Percentage of residents …

Soc&Env: Education and training: Local data for the City of London

The City of London has one maintained primary school; Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School, which includes the Cass Child and Family Centre, the City’s sole Children’s Centre. Of the pupils attending the school approximately a third are City of London residents. Primary age City resident children attend Sir John Cass and a small number …

Soc&Env: Education and training: Local data

This section presents local data on education and training in Hackney and the City of London. Please click on the links below to navigate to the page of interest. Hackney City of London      

Soc&Env: Local data on parks and open spaces

Hackney is one of the greenest inner London boroughs, with a network of 225 open spaces.  In 2016, 21 parks in Hackney have been awarded the Green Flag Award (see Box 4). Box 4: Green Flag Award The Green Flag Award scheme is the benchmark national standard for parks and green spaces in the UK. …

Soc&Env: Local data on cultural facilities

Hackney has eight libraries, (see Local Services and Support Services) which are currently open for an aggregated total of 444.5 hours each week.  In 2014/15, there were 1.7m visits to libraries in Hackney, an increase of 10% since 2010/11.  There are over 177,000 registered Hackney library card holders and 56,000 active users.  Approximately 10,000 non-members …

Soc&Env: Local data on payday lenders

No data are available on the number of people living in Hackney or the City who use, or have used, payday lenders.  There are 4.1 payday loan shops per 100,000 people in Hackney. 

Soc&Env: Local data on betting shops

There is strong evidence that greater opportunities for gambling (i.e. availability and accessibility of venues) increases the number of regular and problem gamblers in an area.   There are 25 betting shops per 100,000 resident population in Hackney.  Meaningful estimates for the City are not available (comparison of betting shops) National surveys show that 68% …

Soc&Env: Local data on hot food takeaways

There are almost 300 fast food outlets in Hackney – or 110 per 100,000 residents – and the area continues to have amongst the highest rates of child obesity in the country.  In a recent survey of adult Hackney residents, a quarter (38%) reported that they eat takeaway food at least once per week. In …