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CYP: Comparisons of Dental health with other areas

Children and young people in Hackney are less likely to visit a dentist than in any comparable local authority, London or England (Figure 44). In contrast, children and young people in City of London are more likely. Figure 44: Number of child patients seen in previous 12 months as a proportion of the 0-17 year …

CYP: Physical health: Substance misuse prevention services and support locally

Young Hackney’s Substance Misuse Service is an integrated service for Hackney and City residents aged 8-19 provided by Hackney Council.  It includes a strong prevention and education function, as well as an outreach service for those affected by substance misuse, either directly or because a family member is using drugs. The service works with young …

CYP: Physical Health: Obesity Treatment, care and support services and support locally

Local interventions include LEAP (Lifestyle Eat-well Activity Positivity), a service based at Homerton University Hospital to cover Hackney and the City. It accepts referrals from healthcare professionals for obese children aged up to, and including, 18 years of age who have a BMI above the 98th centile or a weight above the 99.6th centile (see …

CYP: Physical health: Dental health prevention services and support locally

A new oral health service for Hackney and the City of London will be delivered from early 2017. All state-maintained schools will have fluoride varnish programmes at Reception Year (age 4-5) and Year 1 (age 5-6); all independent schools will have the same offer. The provider will work in partnership with the Stamford Hill Orthodox …

CYP: Physical health: Prevention services and support locally

Health services for 5-19 year olds in Hackney and the City have recently been re-designed to better meet the needs of the community. The new offer, City and Hackney Children and Young People’s Health and Well-being Service, began in autumn 2016. It is made up of two distinct services working in close partnership with one …