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Location category: Hackney
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Age category: 30-39
Lifestyle and behaviour
Topic: Lifestyle and behaviour

L&B: Local inequalities data by Age

Physical activity is vital for maintaining good health throughout life. However, there is significant variation in activity levels at different ages. Figure 12 shows that boys are significantly more likely to have low levels of physical activity between the ages of 5-7 than boys in older age groups (up to the age of 15). For …

L&B: Smoking: Local data by Age Hackney

There are clear differences in GP recorded smoking prevalence in Hackney across different age groups. Figure 1 shows that recorded smoking prevalence is lower in residents in their late teens, steeply increasing for residents age 20-24. Prevalence rates are roughly constant from age 25 to 54, after which point prevalence declines with age. However, regarding …