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Black Caribbean
Ethnicity category: Black Caribbean

L&B: Diet: Inequalities data by Ethnicity

Certain ethnic groups are at increased risk of diet-related ill-health and disease – such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease (see ‘Adult health and illness’ chapter of the JSNA). The Hackney resident health and wellbeing survey found that Black residents (28%) and Asian residents (18%) were less likely than average (35%) to say they ate …

L&B: Smoking: Local data by Ethnicity and gender Hackney

In general, smoking prevalence rates in men are higher than in women, but this varies considerably by ethnic group. For this reason, ethnicity and gender are considered here together, as considering either one without the other may mask important areas of need. As Figure 1 shows, the gender difference in smoking prevalence varies significantly across …

L&B: Smoking: Causes and risk factors

Risk of smoking is strongly linked to socio-economic status and all measures of deprivation. People in routine and manual occupations are more than twice as likely to smoke as people in managerial and professional occupations. Among unemployed people, almost 40% smoke as do around 40% of people with longstanding mental health problems and more than …