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Learning disability
Disability category: Learning disability

How diet varies by disability

In the Hackney resident health and wellbeing survey, adults with a disability were less likely to report consuming five portions of fruit and vegetables a day than average (24% compared with 35% overall). People with learning disabilities are at increased risk of dietary-related poor health, being more likely to be both underweight and obese – …

How does smoking vary by disability and long-term condition in the City?

In the City of London, GP recorded smoking prevalence rates are much lower, but Figure 1 shows that similar patterns to Hackney can still be seen in those with active asthma (similar rates to those without) and those with SMI (higher smoking prevalence rates than those without). Learning disability data has been suppressed due to …

How does smoking vary by disability and long-term condition in Hackney?

Figure 1 presents GP recorded smoking prevalence in Hackney for a selection of different disability/long-term illness groups.  The figure shows that those with active asthma are equally likely to smoke as those without, those with a learning disability recorded by their GP are less likely to smoke, and those with Serious Mental Illness (SMI)[1] are …