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Age category: Secondary school
Society and environment
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Soc&Env: Education and training: Comparisons of GCSEs with other areas and over time

In 2014/15, 60% of Hackney pupils achieved 5+ GCSE A*-C grades including English and mathematics, compared to a 61% average across London and 54% in England.Hackney pupils were roughly in the middle of the distribution of GCSE performance among its statistical peers (Figure 15). Since 2009/10, Hackney’s performance has improved faster than the England average …

Soc&Env: Education and training: Local inequalities data by gender

There is a fairly significant gap between educational attainment between girls and boys at age five in Hackney in 2014/15, and this is again seen at GCSE level. By adulthood, there is no difference between the proportion of women and men who have a higher education qualification in Hackney (see Figure 2). Figure 2: Educational …