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Primary school
Age category: Primary school

CYP: Local data on common long-term conditions in CYP

National estimates suggest that there are around 11,000 disabled children in Hackney and almost 150 in the City of London (Table 3). An estimated 32 boys and 16 girls aged 0-19 have a severe disability in Hackney. Estimates of the prevalence of severe disability are not available for the City due to the small numbers …

CYP: Local data on Oral health

Data from 2012/13 to 2014/15 identified that, on average, 42% of children and young people in Hackney (aged under 18) had visited their dentist over this period. In the City of London, the number of dental visits was greater than the number of resident children and young people. Ten per cent of all under-18s in …

CYP: Local data on Obesity

The most reliable source of data on child obesity is the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), participation in which is compulsory in state-maintained schools. The NCMP measures children at age 4-5 (Reception Year) and age 10-11 (Year 6).  For more detail, see Section 3.7. Due to there being only one state-maintained primary school in the …