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CYP: Local data on common long-term conditions in CYP

National estimates suggest that there are around 11,000 disabled children in Hackney and almost 150 in the City of London (Table 3). An estimated 32 boys and 16 girls aged 0-19 have a severe disability in Hackney. Estimates of the prevalence of severe disability are not available for the City due to the small numbers …

CYP: Causes and risk factors of communicable disease in CYP

Communicable diseases are caused by infections that can be transmitted from person to person. Examples include measles, meningitis, influenza (‘flu’) and tuberculosis, as well as sexually transmitted infections (such as chlamydia) and HIV. For many communicable diseases, particularly those for which the consequences of infection can be serious, there is a programme of immunisation in …

L&B: Alcohol: Evidence and good practice

Overview of evidence Table 11 provides an overview of the efficacy of a range of interventions to prevent or reduce alcohol-related harm across the life course, ranging from universal interventions to those which are selective or targeted according to the level of risk or alcohol-related harm. Evidence suggests that a positive focus on encouraging lower …