Both the London Borough of Hackney and the City of London Corporation have achieved London Healthy Workplace Charter status, recognising the work both local authorities are already doing to support staff health and wellbeing.  Charter status also provides a platform for the two authorities to work with other local employers to create healthier workplaces for their employees. Homerton hospital, a major employer in Hackney, has also achieved Charter status and has a programme of work in place to improve the health of its staff and visitors.B

As well as achieving Charter status, the City has a well-developed programme of support for businesses through the local Business Healthy programme, which was set up in 2014 (see Box 8).

Box 8: Business Healthy in the City of London

Business Healthy is an initiative run by the City of London Corporation whereby businesses of all sizes operating in the City can sign up free to access resources, expert guidance and support relating to the promotion of employee wellbeing in their workplaces.  The network runs a series of events throughout the year that focus on a range of issues – for example stress in the workplace, mental and physical wellbeing and alcohol misuse.

Membership of Business Healthy also provides access to a network of other businesses located and operating within the Square Mile who are committed to maintaining and improving the health and wellbeing of their staff. Business Healthy’s objectives fit within the wider City of London Corporation’s vision to support, promote and enhance the City of London as the world leader in international finance and business services and to foster an excellent working environment.

Business Healthy has almost 500 members and organises a number of stand-alone events each year for its members, in addition to joint events with external partners and member organisations.


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