Patterns of work and worklessness are driven by national, regional and local economic policy.  This section does not attempt to summarise all of these various policies here.

A national spotlight was shone on the issue of work and health with the publication of Dame Carol Black’s review, ‘Working for a healthier tomorrow’, in 2008. 1  The focus of this review was working age adults, and included a number of detailed recommendations for the government, making the case for investment in workplace health initiatives and expanding the role of occupational health to help people find and stay in work.

This section provides an overview of evidence and best practice in relation to two broad areas:

  1. interventions which aim to promote health and wellbeing through the workplace
  2. recommendations to prevent people from falling out of the labour market due to poor health

This section is framed around the following headings, please follow the links below to explore this data in greater detail:

Evidence and best practice in promoting workplace health and wellbeing

Evidence and best practice supporting people with health conditions to find and stay in employment


  1. Black, C., “Dame Carol Black’s Review of the health of Britain’s working age population – Working for a healthier tomorrow,” London: TSO, 2008