Hackney’s Streetscene team are part of the Public Realm directorate within the council. The team has responsibility for the design and maintenance of highways, footways, bridges and street lighting on public roads, as well as road safety and traffic management, school crossing patrols and promotion of ‘sustainable’ transport (including walking, cycling and public transport).

Hackney’s current Transport Strategy contributes to improving health and wellbeing of residents and visitors in a number of ways (see Box 4). Hackney’s Road Safety Plan, part of the wider Transport Strategy, analyses data and proposes policies which aim to achieve casualty reduction to 2020 and beyond, including reducing inequalities in road traffic casualties. A public health assessment of the Transport Strategy, carried out as part of the consultation process, found that on the whole this is a comprehensive document that meets most evidence-based recommendations for a ‘healthy’ transport system.

Box 4: Hackney Transport Strategy’s contribution to health and wellbeing 3

Hackney Council’s Transport Strategy aims to:

  • improve residents’ health and wellbeing and tackle obesity levels through the promotion of more active travel
  • continue to improve conditions for walking and cycling safely in the borough
  • strengthen sustainable transport’s role in facilitating Hackney’s continued regeneration and supporting its Love Hackney, Shop Local campaign
  • continue to advance the case for key public transport infrastructure improvements in Hackney and promoting linked trips
  • enhance residents’ access to jobs, training and essential services without increasing congestion
  • enhance accessibility and mobility options for vulnerable groups allowing them to live independently

improve air quality and reduce emissions from our transport system.

The City’s Transport and Streets team performs a similar function to Hackney’s Streetscene team for the City of London. Support for a healthy transport system is articulated in the City’s Local Plan, as set out in Box 5.

Box 5: Support for a healthy transport system through measures in the City of London’s Local Plan 4

In the City’s Local Plan there are several areas which relate to transport:

  • provisions to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution through restrictions on developers
  • adoption of an air quality action plan
  • support for improvements to public transport
  • commitment to improve conditions for safe and convenient walking and cycling
  • commitment to minimise congestion and reduce vehicle emissions
  • requirement for developers to carry out transport impact assessments
  • commitment to maintain pedestrian footways
  • implementation of standards around providing cycle parking for developers and facilities to encourage active travel (e.g. showers and dryers)

restrictions on parking provision for developments in the City.

The rest of this sub-section provides examples of some of the work Hackney’s Streetscene and the City’s Transport and Streets Teams will be undertaking over the next few years, as well as case studies of work already taking place.

Relating to air and noise pollution 

Relating to active travel

Support relating to vulnerable groups



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