Hackney’s DMLP, adopted in July 2015, includes a number of objectives that have an impact on population health and wellbeing (including policies on housing, building design, community and culture facilities, bio-diversity and open space, night-time economy and sustainable transport). 3

The Hackney DMLP also includes a specific policy that draws out the relevant elements of local planning policy that support health and wellbeing, as described in Box 10. 

Health and wellbeing considerations are also included in four adopted AAPs in Hackney (for Dalston, Hackney Central, Hackney Wick and Manor House). 4

Box 10: Policy DM3 – Promoting health and wellbeing

Development in the borough should promote health and wellbeing. Measures to ensure this are:

  • ensuring that development is designed to promote physical activity, through appropriate arrangement of buildings and uses, access, open space and landscaping, the provision of facilities to support walking and cycling, and that schemes meet police ‘Secured by Design’ principles
  • integrating development with the public realm and public transport, and in particular ensuring that local facilities and services are easily accessible by foot or bicycle
  • ensuring that supporting infrastructure is in place to support development, such as providing or contributing to open space, children’s play facilities, indoor and outdoor leisure provision, and healthcare facilities
  • development should not have an adverse impact on the environment, such as through air, noise and water pollution, and remediation of contaminated land (reversing or stopping environmental damage) prior to development must be undertaken.

The council will require the submission of Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) for major schemes of 100 housing units or more, or 10,000 square metres or more for all other uses.  The HIA will consider potential impacts on health and wellbeing and, depending on the nature and scale of such development, be considered at pre-application stage.

In order to promote health and wellbeing the council will:

  • protect and improve social and community facilities such as healthcare facilities, community halls and indoor leisure provision, and arts and cultural facilities, and ensure that development contributes appropriately to supporting infrastructure (see Policy DM4)
  • protect, increase and enhance open space provision, allotments and food growing schemes, biodiversity and nature conservation assets, and the provision of improved children’s play facilities
  • seek to manage access to hot food takeaways such as by restricting proposals for new hot food takeaways from location within 400 metres of secondary schools, and working with businesses and developers to promote healthier lifestyles through design and types of use within developments
  • seek to expand the network of safe pedestrian and cycle routes to ensure that areas dedicated to vehicular circulation are designed with pedestrian safety and the needs of vulnerable groups in mind
  • seek to ensure that new developments incorporate measures designed to minimise traffic flows and speeds, which will result in child-friendly streets in residential areas that can be used as informal areas for social interaction and children’s play.

The City of London’s Local Plan sets out the policies for guiding new development, while ensuring co-ordination with other strategies operating in the City, including those for health and wellbeing.  As well as promoting the City’s position as a pre-eminent financial centre, the plans seek to maintain the quality of the local environment and promote the provision of recreational and social facilities and open spaces.  The aim is to achieve a balance of activities in the City (including the provision of housing, retail and cultural facilities) and to ensure that development is coordinated with the provision of social, transport, telecommunications, environmental and other infrastructure. The Corporation of London carried out an Integrated Impact Assessment at the ‘issues and options’ stage of the review of the City Local Plan, including health, equalities and sustainability.


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