Hackney Council has a policy (DM3) to seek to manage access to hot food takeaways. This includes restricting proposals for new hot food takeaways located within 400 metres of secondary schools, and working with businesses and developers to promote healthier lifestyles through design and types of use within developments.

Through the Healthier Catering Commitment (HCC),B Hackney Council is also working with hot food takeaways in areas with the highest rates of obesity, deprivation and in proximity to secondary schools (see ‘Food environment’ section of this JSNA chapter). – The aim of this scheme is to help businesses make changes to cooking practices and promotions to reduce the health risks associated with fast food consumption. – Monitoring data collected by the Environmental Health Team shows that 54 of the 81 eligible fast food takeaways participated in the HCC pilot in 2013/14; and 45 of the 54 achieved the HCC award criteria standards. The project is currently being expanded, with funding from the council’s Public Health Team.


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