The NPPF states that local planning authorities should work with public health leads and health organisations to understand and take account of the health status and needs of the local population, including expected future changes, and any information about relevant barriers to improving health and wellbeing. The JSNA is therefore a key reference document for planning authorities in Hackney and the City.

The government’s guidance on planning and health suggests that:B

  • creating healthy living environments will encourage physical activity and community engagement
  • planning decisions should consider the impact of developments on local healthcare infrastructure
  • planning policies and decisions should promote access to healthy food and open spaces
  • consideration should be given to the potential impact of developments on pollution and other environmental hazards.

The principal aspects of a holistic local approach to improving public health through the planning system have been set out by the TCPA see Box 7.

Box 7

  • Health and Wellbeing Boards should review local Health and Wellbeing Strategies to ensure these reflect the impact of the built environment on public health outcomes.
  • JSNAs should include spatial data relevant to informing planning policy-making and the review of planning applications.
  • Local Plan policy reviews should incorporate public health evidence and assessment.
  • Public health and planning teams should define an approach that supports public health input on relevant planning applications at a useful point in the development management process.
  • The long-term impact of spatial planning on health outcomes is monitored.