Many local social landlords, including Hackney Housing, provide a range of interventions that promote wellbeing, social participation and financial inclusion for their tenants. The Hackney Financial Inclusion Steering Group brings together the council, Citizens Advice East End and most of the large housing associations in the borough including Hackney Housing. The main collaborative financial inclusion project is Hackney Money Smart (see case study in the ‘Living standards (PDF document, 2 MB)’ section of this JSNA chapter).

Hackney’s Private Sector Housing team provides adaptations to the homes of disabled residents through the Disabled Facilities Grant programme, supporting people to live independently in their own homes as long as possible.

As in other parts of the country, a not-for-profit home improvement agency operates in Hackney to provide support to elderly home owners and private tenants to improve, repair, maintain and adapt their home.  This service also provides advice and information on entitlement to benefits and grants, making home visits as needed.B

To help residents remain independent in their homes after a stay in hospital, a discharge planning team at Homerton Hospital works with multi-disciplinary teams (including the patient, doctors, nurses, therapists, specialist nurses and social workers) to carry out needs assessments and make the necessary arrangements for patients to be discharged safely and in a timely manner.

The City of London’s Housing Strategy 2014-19 includes a priority to support vulnerable groups locally, with the aim of building more resilient communities. Prevention, promoting independence and earlier intervention are central to this approach, which focuses on the following: 2

  • preventing homelessness
  • tackling rough sleeping
  • supporting people with disabilities
  • supporting older people
  • intervening early to reduce inequalities and tackle deprivation.


  1. Information on how to apply is available at
  2. Information on how to apply is available at


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