Table 1 shows the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) indicators that are related to incidents of crime for Hackney and the City of London.  The relatively higher rate of offences per 1,000 population for the City reflects the fact that these indicators only include residents in the population denominator, while incidents may be committed or experienced by the large number of visitors to the City during the working week especially.

Table 1: PHOF incidents of crime indicators for Hackney and the City of London

Indicator (reporting period) Hackney City of London
Rate of 10-17 year olds receiving their first reprimand, warning or conviction per 100,000 population (2014) 456 *
Domestic abuse incidents recorded by the police, crude rate per 1,000 population (2014/15) 21.6^ 19.2
Crude rate of violence against the person offences per 1,000 population  (2015/16) 25.9 100.4
Rate of sexual offences based on police recorded crime data per 1,000 population (2015/16) 2.1 10.7
% of offenders who re-offend from a rolling 12 month cohort (2013) 27.8% 15%
Average number of re-offences committed per offender from a rolling 12 month cohort  (2013) 0.84 0.98

Source: Public Health Outcomes Framework

Notes: * value cannot be calculated as number of cases is too small. ^ value is based on police area level (each London borough has the same rate, taken from the Metropolitan Police data – the City of London rate is taken from the City of London Police data so is different).

Table 2 reports data from the Metropolitan Police and shows that the total number of recorded offences in Hackney in 2015/16 was 27,209, with the most common being theft (10,564), followed by violence against the person (8,465 offences).

Table 2: Number of offences in Hackney (2015/16)

Offences 2015/16
Total crimes 27,209
Theft and handling (total) (10,564)
·         person 2,231
·         pedal cycles 1,289
Violence against the person (total) (8,465)
·         homicide 4
Burglary (total) (2,577)
·         residential 1,428
·         non-residential 1,149
Robbery (total) (999)
·         person 925
·         business 74
Sexual offences (total) (648)
·         rape 215
·         other sexual offences 435
Domestic crime 2,595
Motor vehicle crime 2,142
Drug related crime 1,411
Gun crime 82
Racist and religious hate crime (total) (583)
·         anti-Semitic crime 92
·         Islamophobic crime 46
Homophobic crime 106

Source: Metropolitan Police (March 2016)

Note: Crime data is extracted from the crime reporting information system every month, as small changes can be made to figures to reflect developments in investigations

The City of London has its own police force, and crime levels are generally low, with a total of 5,227 offences reported in 2015/16 (see Table 3). Violent crime and theft were among the most common offences.

Given the relatively high rates of cycling in Hackney and the City of London (see the ‘Transport and travel section’ of this JSNA chapter), it is perhaps not surprising that there were a significant number of incidents of bicycle theft in both areas in 2015/16. Pedal cycle theft has also been identified as a strategic priority within Hackney’s Community Safety Partnership Assessment. 4

Table 3: Crime summary data for the City of London (2015/16)

Offences 2015/16
Total crimes 5,227
Victim-based crime (total) (4,365)
Victim-based violence (total) (906)
·         homicide 2
·         violence with injury 396
·         violence without injury 415
·         rape 24
·         other sexual offences 69
Victim-based acquisitive crime (3,194)
·         robbery of business property 2
·         robbery of personal property 40
·         burglary in a dwelling 7
·         burglary – non dwelling 225
·         vehicles offences 109
·         theft from the person 424
·         bicycle theft 275
·         shoplifting 680
·         all other theft offences 1,432
Arson & criminal damage (total) (265)
Victim-based crime (total) (4,365)
Crimes against society (total) (862)
·         drug offences 390
·         procession of weapon offences 34
·         public order offences 265
·         miscellaneous crime against society 173

Source: City of London Police

In terms of perceptions of crime, Hackney Council conducted a resident survey in 2016, which found that 16% of respondents felt Hackney is now safer than five years ago.  Just 5% thought the area had become less safe over this period. 5

In the 2015 City of London customer insight survey, the vast majority of respondents (91%) said they felt either ‘quite safe’ or ‘very safe’ living, working or visiting the City.  Most residents (84%) said they are ‘not worried at all’ or ‘a little worried’ about crime in the City. 6


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