Disabled residents in Hackney were more likely to express dissatisfaction with the local area in the 2015 survey than residents as a whole (12% compared to 6% of all respondents) and they are also more likely to perceive that the area has not improved over the past five years (22% of disabled residents, compared to 14% of non-disabled residents).

Insight work with local disabled people has shown that they feel that the growing array of new businesses in Hackney cater for a younger, ‘trendy’ generation and have not taken accessibility into consideration (e.g. a lack of ramps, lifts or appropriate signage).Disabled residents, as with Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) residents also reported that they feel unable to access new and emerging job opportunities in the borough. 1


  1. Hackney Council, “Hackney: a place for everyone (HAPFE) consultation report,” 2016 (not yet published).