This chapter provides an overview of the main social and environmental influences on health in Hackney and the City today, highlighting some of these inequalities and providing comparisons with other areas and over time (where data are available). This chapter of the JSNA considers a number of these ‘wider determinants’ of health – including housing and transport, employment and living standards, as well as local people’s sense of place and community. The chapter is structured into 10 main sections (each covering a different topic) listed below.

Community_cohesion_and_social_networks (PDF document)

Places_and_spaces (PDF document)

Living_standards (PDF document)

Education_and_training (PDF document)

Work_and_worklessness (PDF document)

Housing_and_homelessness (PDF document)

Transport_and_travel (PDF document)

The ‘Food_environment’ (PDF document)

Community_safety (PDF document)

Health and the environment – coming soon