This chapter presents data on mental health and substance misuse issues affecting the health and wellbeing of people in the London Borough of Hackney and the City of London. To understand mental health in Hackney and the City, this chapter of the JSNA takes a ‘life course’ approach, beginning with childhood mental health and wellbeing, moving onto adults age 19-64, and finally looking at adults age 65+. This allows us to understand how each stage of life can influence the next, and to address specific issues that are particularly relevant to each age group.

Topic last updated: April 2015

The chapter is structured into 5 main sections (each covering a different topic) listed below.

Children and young people’s mental health (PDF document)

Adults_Common mental health disorders (PDF document)

Adults_Severe and enduring mental ill health (PDF document)

Older adults_Dementia (PDF document)

Older adults_Common and severe mental ill health (PDF document)

Links between physical and mental health (PDF document)

The substance misuse chapter has been updated and published in September 2019

Substance misuse (PDF document)