Based on the results of the Hackney resident health and wellbeing survey, 40% of Hackney residents say they do not drink, a third (33%) of residents are estimated to be low risk drinkers and a quarter (27%) to be high risk drinkers (Figure 1). [25]  All results are statistically significant.

As described in Box 1, AUDIT-C defines ‘high’ risk as a score of 5 and above. The modal (i.e. most common) AUDIT-C score in the survey was 3-4. Among high risk drinkers (i.e. with a score of 5 or above), most people reported drinking towards the lower end of this threshold – a score of 5, 6 or 7.


Source: Hackney resident health and wellbeing survey (2015)

Notes: Based on a sub-sample size of 960

Local data from the City of London is based on a survey carried out in 2011 among people who work, visit, study and live in the City of London (involving a sample size of 712). [26]  It is therefore based on a very different sample to the Hackney survey and cannot be said to be representative of all City residents. This ‘City drinkers’ survey used full AUDIT scores (derived from a longer version of the AUDIT-C tool), which gives an estimate of the proportion of lower risk, increasing risk and higher risk drinkers. Results from this survey presented in Figure 2 show that over a third (35%) of respondents in the City of London reported levels of drinking at increasing risk and 13% at higher risk.

Source: City Drinkers Insight Summary Report (2012).

Notes: Sample includes people who work, visit study and reside in the City of London. It is not designed to be representative of the City resident population.

Data are also available specifically on the drinking behaviours of local young people (age 15), from the national What About YOUth (WAY) survey. As shown in Figure 3, the majority (71%) of young people aged 15 responding to this survey in Hackney and the City of London (combined) report that they do not drink and 19% say they drink only a few times a year.

Source: What About YOUth (WAY) survey (2014/15).

Notes: Numbers may not sum to total due to rounding.