Smoking – Services and support describes a comprehensive programme of tobacco control activity across Hackney and the City.  The following areas have been identified as requiring ongoing support and focus over the coming year in order to minimise gaps in service provision, build on current practice and make use of upcoming opportunities.

  • Smoking in pregnancy and after childbirth: continue to support pregnant women who smoke to quit and remain smoke-free after child birth, facilitated through Hackney’s Smoking in Pregnancy and after Childbirth task and finish group
  • Illegal tobacco and enforcement: focus on eradicating sales of cheap/illegal tobacco; raising awareness among the public about the harms related to the sale of cheap tobacco and encouraging the reporting of premises that sell it; increasing the perception of risk of getting caught among retailers who sell it, in partnership with regional and pan London networks
  • Prevention: implement new approaches through integrated youth health and wellbeing services and local pilots
  • Targeted work with communities at high risk of smoking and related harms: community engagement to better understand and address entrenched behaviours
  • Smoke-free policies: support Homerton hospital to become fully smoke-free by 2017; and work with Tower Hamlets and Newham Public Health Teams to ensure effective implementation of the smoke-free policy at ELFT and improve referral pathways following discharge into the community.

Hackney Council has just been awarded London Healthy Workplace Charter status (at ‘commitment’ level) and the City of London Corporation has already been awarded ‘achievement’ under the Charter. In the City, this builds on the well-established Business Healthy programme, which provides resources and advice on promoting staff wellbeing. These initiatives provide an excellent platform to work with local employers to support staff who smoke to quit (and prevent others from taking up the habit), making the most of the workplace as a health promoting setting.