As schools are key health promoting settings for children, so workplaces are important settings for public health interventions in adults.  The majority of working age adults spend most of their time in the workplace, where they may eat at least one meal each day.  Recognising this opportunity, the London Healthy Workplace Charter provides an evidence-based framework for investing in workplace health initiatives, including a set of standards (at three different levels) which aim to improve access to healthy food among staff (see Table 1).

Table 1: London Healthy Workplace Charter – healthy eating standards 2

Level of




Commitment level Appropriate, acceptable and accessible information on healthy eating is provided.
Any kitchen facilities or beverage areas are in good condition and conform to the highest possible standards and requirements of food hygiene.
Wherever possible, eating facilities are provided away from work areas. Use of these facilities is promoted to enable regular breaks away from the work area.
All workplaces have access to fresh drinking water.
Achievement level Any on-site catering facilities provide healthier options that are actively promoted.
Excellence level A corporate healthy eating food plan, guidelines or similar has been produced in consultation with staff that covers:

·         corporate hospitality

·         catering provision

·         local sourcing of food using local providers where appropriate

·         vending/in-house catering pricing strategy to promote healthy options.

Internal or external support is on offer for those who wish to lose weight.
There is a rolling schedule of planned events to promote the importance of healthy eating.


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