As already described, the influences on people’s food (and drink) choices and dietary behaviour are many and complex. Effective responses to maximise the positive, and minimise the negative, influences therefore requires a comprehensive response.

This sub-section does not provide a detailed review of all possible interventions to address poor diet, but instead provides a snapshot of good practice categorised under two broad headings – ‘dietary interventions’ and ‘behaviour change’ at the individual level.

Recommendations for early nutrition and obesity prevention are summarised in the ‘0-5s Health Needs Assessment’ published in 2016 by the Hackney Public Health Team. 1  Evidence-based approaches to tackling the wider food environment are contained within the new ‘Society & environment’ JSNA chapter.

The evidence and good practice section is broken into two key areas:

Dietary interventions – which are further broken down by life course time period

Behaviour change


  1. London Borough of Hackney , “A Health Needs Assessment for 0-5 Year Old Residents of the London Borough of Hackney and the City of London,” London Borough of Hackney and The City of London, London, 2016.