The figures below present local survey data on consumption of ‘5-a-day’, comparing Hackney and the City of London with Hackney’s statistical peers, London and England. No other comparative data, and no trend data, are available on dietary behaviour.

Figure 8 shows how (self-reported) consumption of ‘5-a-day’ in Hackney and the City compares with Hackney’s statistical peers as well as the regional and national averages. A smaller proportion of Hackney residents report eating ‘5-a-day’ than in Islington and Wandsworth, but rates are similar to other statistical peers and London (but statistically lower than for England as a whole).  Due to small numbers, it is not possible to say whether rates are lower or higher in the City compared to other areas (the confidence intervals on the City data are very wide).

Hackney has 47%, this is around average for similar areas in London
Figure 8: Proportion of the adult population meeting the recommended ‘5-a-day’ (age 16+, 2015)

Source: Public Health Outcomes Framework

The WAY survey provides comparisons with other areas of London on this same measure of fruit and vegetable consumption, among 15 year olds. Figure 9 shows that around half of Hackney’s young people reported eating ‘5-a-day’ in this survey, which is similar to that reported in other areas. 1 No equivalent data are available for the City.

Hackney has 56 percent of fifteen year olds meeting five-a-day recommendations. This is similar to similar areas in London
Figure 9: Proportion of the population age 15 meeting the recommended ‘5-a-day’ (2014/15)

Source: Public Health Outcomes Framework


  1. Ipsos MORI, “Health and Wellbeing of 15 year olds in England,” HSCIC, London, 2015.