The comparisons presented here are of drinking behaviour among adult residents (16+) living in different local authority areas, based on LAPE modelled estimates. These estimates are presented with a high degree of uncertainty as they are experimental data based on hospital admissions, population demographics, deaths related to alcohol and national survey data.

Please note: None of the differences between the local authority estimates presented in Table 8 are statistically significant and, therefore, they should be interpreted with caution.

Hackney is estimated to have a lower proportion of adult residents who binge drink than England and most statistical peers (Figure 11).  In the City of London, 25% of residents are estimated to binge drink, but there is significant statistical uncertainty around this estimate (as indicated by the wide confidence intervals shown).


Table 8: Local Alcohol Profiles England (LAPE) estimates of adult resident drinking behaviour (age 16+, 2011)
Estimates of drinking behaviour Abstain Lower Risk Increasing Risk Higher Risk
City of London 19% 50% 22% 8%
Hackney 33% 46% 14% 7%
Camden 25% 50% 17% 9%
Hammersmith and Fulham 21% 57% 14% 9%
Islington 25% 52% 18% 6%
Lambeth 22% 55% 17% 6%
Southwark 21% 54% 17% 9%
Tower Hamlets 34% 44% 13% 9%
Wandsworth 16% 53% 22% 9%
London 25% 52% 16% 8%

Source: Local Alcohol Profiles England (LAPE) (2011)

Thirteen percent for Hackney is one of the lowest compared to similar areas.
Figure 11: Estimates of the percentage of adult resident population who binge drink (age 16+, 2013)

Source: Local Alcohol Profiles England (LAPE) (2013). Modelled estimates based on Health Survey for England (2007-08).

Notes: Binge drinking in adults is defined separately for men and women. Men are defined as having indulged in binge drinking if they had consumed 8 or more units of alcohol on the heaviest drinking day in the previous seven days; for women the cut-off was 6 or more units of alcohol.

Figure 12 shows that the proportion of 15 year olds responding to the WAY survey in Hackney and the City who have ever had an alcoholic drink is similar to most of Hackney’s statistical peers (apart from Tower Hamlets, where the figure is significantly lower) and lower than the London and England average.

Rates for Hackney and the City are similar to comparable local areas and London.
Figure 12: Percentage of 15 year olds who report ever having had an alcoholic drink (2014/15)

Source: What About YOUth (WAY) survey (2014/15)