In Hackney, the MARAC provides a setting for information regarding high risk cases to be shared between different statutory and voluntary sector agencies to provide a co-ordinated response to meet the complex and wide-ranging needs of victims of domestic abuse. In 2015/16, there were 506 Hackney MARAC cases, which identified 464 children.

Once domestic violence has been identified, a specialist intervention programme (formerly Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP), now Rise) works in conjunction with Hackney’s Children and Young People’s Services to help reduce the number of repeat incidents in affected families. 2 During 2014/15, DVIP received 61 referrals relating to adult perpetrators and completed 34 risk assessments.

Play Therapy is another service in Hackney that aims to support children and young people who have been exposed to domestic violence, helping them to understand and deal with their feelings.

Hackney Council also funds two refuges for victims of domestic violence; one is a generic service and the other service is specifically for South Asian and South East Asian and Muslim women and their children. In total, up to 48 women can be provided with shelter and support at any one time. Refuge provision accounts for 40% of Hackney Council’s £1.09m spend on domestic violence support services.

In 2015/16, 12 children were referred to the City of London MARAC. The City of London Police has a Vulnerable Victim Advocate who works on all MARAC cases in the City and involves other specialist providers as required.


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