Analysis of local data shows that child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Hackney consists both of adult exploitation of young people, and of peer abuse (largely of young women by young men of their age or slightly older). Multi-agency support in Hackney is therefore provided to young people and their families not only when a young person is at risk of CSE, but also when a young person demonstrates harmful sexual behaviour. Interventions are tailored to the individual and their family, and can include:

  • preventative individual and group work delivered in schools and youth settings through PSHE in schools and as part of youth programmes in targeted settings
  • commissioning of specialist services to work directly with young people affected by CSE, harmful sexual behaviour and gang affiliation
  • behavioural and clinical assessments of harmful sexual behaviour as part of holistic health and wellbeing assessments delivered by the City and Hackney Children and Young People’s Health and Wellbeing Service, and by clinicians in Children’s Social Care
  • Multi-Family Group Therapy for young people at risk of CSE and their families
  • use of the Good Lives Model, a strengths-based approach which addresses need and risk in all area of a young person’s life.