Universal access to free contraception and sexual health services for young people is available through a number of channels – primary care (GPs, pharmacies), sexual health clinics, and more specifically through the new City and Hackney Children and Young People’s Health and Wellbeing Service (which includes an education/outreach and clinical element).

Alongside this, the Come Correct (C-Card) scheme, delivered locally by young people’s sexual health and wellbeing charity Brook, provides access to free condoms for those up to the age of 25 from participating locations across London. This service also provides a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space for young people to discuss, and seek advice about, their relationships and sexuality. Hackney and the City of London have the largest C-Card scheme in London, distributing 80,000 condoms per year with 3,000 new registrations and 4,000 repeat visits through over 80 locations. Of the 80 locations, 41 are pharmacies, five are sexual health clinics and the others consist of educational settings as well as statutory and voluntary sector youth groups.

In Hackney and the City of London, registration for free condoms occurs most often through sexual health clinics. However, the majority of repeat visits for condom collection occur in pharmacies (Figure 65).

Oral contraceptives are available free of charge on prescription from GPs and sexual health services.

Figure 65: Condom distribution in Hackney to under 25s, 2014/15

In Hackney and the City of London the majority of repeat visits for condom collection occur in pharmacies.
Source: SRHAD