As outlined earlier, universal access to free sexual health services is available to local young people through CHYPS Plus.  In addition, local provision includes a sexual health screening service in primary care, a community sexual health liaison nurse and a sexual health pharmacy service to facilitate early intervention. In addition to the universal offer, targeted services include community HIV checks for those at risk of contracting HIV.

Due to shared risk factors, brief screening assessments involving sexual health and viral hepatitis are often carried out with substance misuse clients. The proportion of clients in young persons’ substance misuse services who are offered and accept a chlamydia screen is low locally and nationally (Table 11). However, the rate of non-documentation or of screening not being offered without explanation (‘Other’) is higher in Hackney than nationally.

Table 11: Screening and immunisation rates in clients, 2014/15

Source: National Drug Treatment Monitoring System

Note: National data relate to the first quarter of 2015/16, but Hackney data relate to the whole year 2014/15 so that samples are larger to reduce uncertainty or identification.

Chlamydia screening is available in local many settings, with the most common being genito-urinary medicine (GUM) clinics. In 2012, 123,235 tests were performed in London compared with less than 5,000 in pharmacy (Table 12). GUM clinics also have a relatively high positivity rate compared with tests carried out in other settings.

Table 12: Chlamydia testing in London by setting, 2012

Source: National Chlamydia Screening Programme, Public Health England

In August 2016, a pan-London collaboration of councils (the London Sexual Health Transformation Programme) issued a tender for a new online e-service for sexual health in London. This service will allow patients to order self-sampling services for HIV and STIs online if it is clinically appropriate.