Figure 26 demonstrates that the wards of residence with the highest rates of obesity in Year 6 primarily lie on the edges of Hackney – in Brownswood in the north west, King’s Park in the east and De Beauvoir in the west. A broadly similar pattern is seen in Reception Year aged children (albeit with lower rates).

Given that there is only one state-maintained school in the City of London (many children who live in the City attend school in other boroughs), and that the City of London has a small child population, it is not possible to map obesity data for children living in the City.

It must be remembered that reported obesity prevalence in the north east of the borough is not representative of the whole child population living here, as this area contains Stamford Hill, where the majority of Charedi children live. These children predominantly attend independent schools and are, therefore, not routinely measured as part of the NCMP. As reported in Section 3.3, a recent local pilot found that obesity rates in Reception Year age children are lower than average in these schools.

Figure 26: Prevalence of obesity in Year 6 children by ward of residence (pooled data 2011/12-13/14)

Obesity is most prevalent in Woodberry, Hackney Wick, Hoxton &Shoreditch, Haggerston and shacklewell.
Source: National Child Measurement Programme