There is a less clear distinction in reported drug use (Figure 16) between White and ethnic minority young people in national data compared with alcohol use (Figure 15).

Figure 16: Proportion self-reporting ever having tried drugs in 15 year olds in England by ethnicity (2015)

Source: What About YOUth? survey, HSCIC, 2015 Confidence intervals not provided

The ethnic profile of those accessing Hackney’s young people’s substance misuse services is broadly similar to Hackney’s population, although due to the small number of clients no strong conclusions can be drawn. Of those with ethnicity recorded in 2014/15, 40% of clients were White and 40% of clients were Black. It is worth noting that around a third of clients did not have their ethnicity recorded (or data are inconsistent/unreliable), compared to only 1% nationally. The National Drug Treatment Monitoring System does not produce an equivalent report for young people receiving substance misuse interventions for the City of London.