This chapter presents data on issues affecting the health and wellbeing of adults in the London Borough of Hackney and the City of London. The analysis identifies areas of unmet need through examination of health inequalities and by comparing local data with other areas and over time. The chapter also outlines the evidence for what works in meeting residents’ health needs, and describes key services and support. This work involved the collaborative efforts of local stakeholders including City & Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group, the Clinical Effectiveness Group (at Queen Mary University of London), and local authority colleagues.

Topic last updated: April 2018

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Executive Summary (PDF document, 176 kB)

Glossary (PDF document, 333 kB)

The chapter is structured into 11 main sections, these can be downloaded from the list below:

Cardiovascular Disease (PDF document, 920 kB)

Respiratory Disease (PDF document, 733 kB)

Diabetes (PDF document, 906 kB)

Obesity (PDF document, 685 kB)

Cancer (PDF document, 1 MB)

Musculoskeletal Disease (PDF document, 688 kB)

Oral Health (PDF document, 836 kB)

Sickle Cell (PDF document, 335 kB)

Sensory Impairment (PDF document, 553 kB)

Mortality (PDF document, 1 MB)

Use of Services (PDF document, 907 kB)